P&G Fem Care

Brand Identity & Experience

pg fem care circle big

P&G needed a robust way to showcase their 2022 Fem Care product line to buyers at big box stores. Due to the pandemic a large portion of their roadshow events would take place virtually. We needed to bring the product experience to life in a more interesting way other than just another slide show. We accomplished this with a high end premium unboxing experience that includes product samples and insight cards attached to each. Buyers would receive their Fem Care box that included a placemat that features a timeline and lifecycle of their customers and how their Fem Care products support them with 3 main tenants of comfort, confidence and protection. 

pg fem care circle big

We had to let our buyers know that P&G not only had their back coming out of a pandemic but we also wanted the consumer to know we are in this together as a trusted brand they could count on. This thematic story is carried out in not only the presentation but with key storytelling aspects throughout our marketing items.

Brand Identity


Box Design


Placemat Design and Box Contents


Environmental Design

While most of the roadshow presentations were set to take place virtually with an accompanying Fem Care box experience - we did have to plan for some meetings to take place in-person. This is where our scenic designs had to be effective in regards to continuing our thematic story while allowing a place for the P&G team to also demo the products on site.