When I was growing up I fell asleep watching horror movies, stand-up comedy and devouring pop-culture. These hobbies quickly turned into my passions as an adult. Check out my side hustles below.

Panic Fest

Genre Film Festival

Downright Creepy

Horror, Sci-Fi & Thrillers

City of Buckets

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Check out my appearance on The Pop Marketer Podcast where I discuss how pop-culture has influenced my side hustles and expanded my career into brand activation and experiential.

Episode Description:
Joe speaks w/ paranormal pop-marketer Tim Canton about podcasts, paranormal in pop culture, brand experiences in a post-COVID19 world. Tim lays out some core principals of pop-marketing and also a jolly good time by all.


Panic Fest 2021: Vicious Fun U.S. Premiere Q&A
I was able to chat with the cast, director and producer about the neon drenched film 'Vicious Fun' which is making its U.S. premiere at Panic Fest 2021! The Q&A features: Director Cody Calahan Producer Chad Archibald Horror Journalist Evan Marsh (Joel ) The Badass Amber Goldfarb (Carrie) Super Villain Ari Millen (Bob) Ring Leader David Koechner (Zachary)

Netflix 'Ratched' Cast Q&A

I had the privilege to sit down with the cast of Ryan Murphy's new Netflix series Ratched to learn more about their characters and what it was like to work with the creator of American Horror Story.

Scare Me: Aya Cash Interview (Shudder)
I spoke with  Aya Cash about her upcoming Shudder Original Film 'Scare Me' written and directed by Josh Ruben.


Ghost Nation: Steve & Tango Interview
We celebrate our favorite time of year with Steve and Tango from Travel Channel's Ghost Nation!

Ghost Nation clip courtesy of Travel Channel.

Dark Was the Night | Narrative Podcast Pilot
When the sun hits the horizon and the light begins to dim, the secret society convenes in a cabin deep in the woods - to share tales of folklore and the macabre. These are the stories that are told when dark becomes night. This is, Dark Was the Night.